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Update error

This app comes up twice as requiring an update, then after updating it does not leave. App store error, or vendor error?


I just downloaded a new song and iTunes will not let me add it to a playlist from "Purchased". A forum suggested this app to add the song to a playlist on this iPod. Simply can't be done. The tutorial is worthless. Not worth the effort


I love this app. Can not wait for an update.

playlists on the go

Very helpful for making and editing playlists on the go... Some more features (e.g., a display of playlist time, making it easier to restart a song from the beginning once played) would be nice. I look forward to future updates!

Great que app

I had another free music queueing app, but they changed it and gave it limited functionality, and it was glitching. So, I reviewed and downloaded some others. This one is by far THE BEST! Only one thing that I'm missing. It needs the funtionality to automatically delete played songs from the queue. Thanks for a great app!

Needs home sharing & NAS DLNA support

Works well in testing, but our GBs of digitzed music are not stored on our phones & ipads but on the home network on a mac mini and also a NAS drive dedicated to music. Would love to use this to have more playback functionality at parties, but at a minimum it would have to support itunes sharing for us. Update: Many months have passed since valuable feedback was given and still no update to support home sharing??? This is a dealbreaker for me to consider upgrading to the paid version. Removing a star.

Intrusive invitation to upgrade

The invitation to upgrade to paid version breaks the connection between devices and forces user to reestablish all links. So much for a remote control that functiona only a few songs.


Just what I needed.

Nice! :-D

Pretty much EXACTLY what I was looking for...great job!!!


Fn awesome! Just what I was looking for.


I hate your app it doesn't work. Give me my money back. PS I really rate it a 0


I like this app, very perfec....



Great player

I like this player. I wish you wold update it with a repeat option.

unquestionably a 'must have'

Being the free PlayMyQ version, this is a no-brainer: just download it now and enjoy. Period. [plus, having the free client handy is useful in case you wind up at a gathering where the host is serving music in Player mode, so you can send requests.] The only thing to "think" about is whether to upgrade to the HD version or not. While i did upgrade, and i certainly recommend that others do as well... i believe after a few minutes of using this app, the user will come to the same decision on their own. Cheers. -HI-

Great app

I tried 6 other que up apps and this one was the best. Easy to use. Nice display. Allowing others to add songs from their iPhone works great.

Love it!

Was looking for an app to queue music and this one is amazing! I always get an urge to hear a song while hearing another but don't want to switch in the middle of it. This app works great!

Great app

I was looking for an app to queue music and is definitely the best in the iTunes store. The others are choppy while this one is smooth and easy to use. I do however wish it had a search bar everywhere in the app so you could directly search. Overall it's great though

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